WEH47-TM24B   5G O-RU
Wave 5G O-RU is an SoC based solution that is small,
light and consumes lower power.
It also supports various types of TDD Slot Configurations.

O-RAN Compliance

  • Support RU Category A
  • Support Transport Network & Features : eCPRI with 10G or 25G SFP+ 1port L2 Ethernet Encapsulation, QoS over Fronthaul, Application layer fragmentation
  • Support C-Plane / S-Plane : Section Type 1,3 / G.8275.1
  • M-Plane : NETCONF (RFC6241), Hierarchical and hybrid model support Delay management, SSHv2 (RFC 6242), TLS 1.2 (RFC 7589)

RF Spec.

Category Specification
Operating Frequncy n78/n79
Channel Bandwidth 10/20/30/40/50/60/70/80/100MHz
Tx / Rx Paths(MIMO Layers) 4Tx / 4Rx (DL 4 Layers / UL 2 Layers)
Max. Modulation Downlink 256QAM
Uplink 256QAM
Tx Power Per Antenna Port 24dBm
Antenna Gain 6dBi
Antenna Type External