Defense business

Core Components of Guided-Weapons-Systems for Precision Strikes
We are developing and supplying various products with original technology for the seeker and inspection equipment.

Business Overview

Wave Electronics Co., Ltd. is positioned as a leader in providing the best performance in 2015 after entering into the defense business. We will sustain this position through continuous research and development by core research personnel with more than 10 years’ experience in the field of video signal processing equipment and inspection equipment development under the purpose of developing video signal processing devices and inspection equipment, and we ultimately intend to contribute to the development of the national defense industry.


In the field of video signal processing devices, we are developing various CPU boards and Embedded Software. We are also developing and supplying video signal processors and image signal processing algorithms, which are responsible for video signal preprocessing and image compression functions, utilizing high-performance, and high-capacity FPGAs.
In the field of inspection equipment, we also develop and supply automated inspection equipment and high-performance digital image receiving equipment for various defense industry devices.

Applied field

Raybolt, K-SAAM, LOGIR, 130mm, Test Equipment

Newly-developed products

Guidance/Control Group, BLDC Motor actuation Control board

Main manufactured goods

Image Processing Board
Guidance/Control Device

Please note that the image of this product cannot be disclosed under the "Defense Industry Technology Protection Act".