Corporate Culture

Our company's strengths
Corporate culture of Wave Electronics Co., Ltd.


The corporate philosophy that Wave Electronics pursues is the achievement of the fundamental values of 'creating value for customers' and 'respecting human beings'.
To this end, we will secure the trust of our customers by creating value that maximizes the benefits of our customers based on our ability to accurately grasp and meet customer needs.
In addition, we will create a working environment in such a way that each person's creativity can be fully exercised by respecting the abilities and values of each employee, and we will treat them fairly in accordance with their achievements and abilities.


Both the values and achievements of our company comprise a collaboration that our company seeks to further develop, and we will cooperate fully with our employees, customers, shareholders, and other partnerships.
We will grow based on various technologies, products, services, and experiences in and out of the company;
we will always think of and with our customers and create new value with them.
In addition, we will continue to make efforts to be positioned as a Korean venture company and also to become a company that can be appreciated in overseas markets.